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  1. What's New?
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. What is a Reporting Database?
  4. What is a Table?
  5. Import / Upload Data into Zoho Reports
  6. Upload Tool
  7. Charts
  8. Pivot Tables
  9. Sharing and Collaboration
  10. Publishing Options
  11. Managing Users
  12. Zoho CRM Advanced Analytics Add-on
  13. Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on
  14. Zoho Reports for Google Apps
  15. Creating Data Entry Forms for Zoho Reports using Zoho Creator
  16. Zoho Reports API & CloudSQL
  1. Zoho Reports Overview
  2. Zoho Reports Quick Overview
  3. Importing data into Zoho Reports
  4. Creating Charts in Zoho Reports
  5. Creating Pivot Tables (Cross Tabs or Matrix View)
  6. Applying Filters in Charts, Pivot & Summary View
  7. Creating Dashboards in Zoho Reports
  8. Auto-Join: Creating reports by joining multiple tables
  9. Creating a Query Table in Zoho Reports
  10. Sharing Options in Zoho Reports
  11. Publishing Options in Zoho Reports
  12. Zoho Reports for Google Apps
  13. Integrating Zoho Creator with Zoho Reports
  14. Scheduled Periodic Import - Explained using Zoho Creator 

Zoho Reports Blogs - Feature Posts

  1. How to Format Columns
  2. Conditional Formatting of Data
  3. Adding Formula Columns
  4. Printing of Reports
  5. Organizing Reports within Folders
  6. Pivot Table Features - Multi-column, Multi-data & Sorting Support
  7. Pivot Table Feature - Quarterly & Weekly Time Intervals
  8. Pivot Table Feature - Advanced Summarizing Options
  9. Using Query over Query
  10. Creating Reports Over Multiple Tables Using Auto-Join
  11. Automated Analytics
  12. Quickly Generate Similar Reports
  13. Data Cleansing Using 'Find and Replace'
  14. How to Make a Database Copy
  15. Dynamic Chart Filtering and URL Data type
  16. User Filters
  17. Cascading User Filters
  18. Fine-grained Sharing Permissions
  19. Sharing Reports with Filter Criteria
  20. Scheduled Emailing of Reports
  21. Creating & Sharing Dashboards
  22. Email your Dashboards as PDF
  23. Embedding Interactive Charts in Websites/Blogs
  24. Adding Interactive Reports to your (Zoho Show) Presentations

Solutions / How-Tos

  1. Comparision with Excel/Spreadsheet Reporting
  2. Moving data from in-house database / applications
  3. On-Demand vs In-premises Business Intelligence
  4. Reporting on Zoho Creator applications
  5. Analyzing Google Adwords Performance using Zoho Reports
  6. How to use Zoho Reports to Analyze Revenue
  7. Analyzing an RSS Feed with Zoho Reports (by Ryan Knight, in IBM DeveloperWorks Journal)

For clarifications/assistance:

Guest 572 - days ago 
How do I get a table from right to left?
zohodbhelp 571 - days ago 

We assume that your question is about RTL language support (Right to Left language). Sorry, currently we do not support this. Please let's know if we have misunderstood your question.

You can write to us at support@zohoreports.com for any further assistance or clarification. We would be very happy to assist.

Zoho Reports
Raymond Kadalec 336 - days ago 
How do I 'fill the gap' when I remove a line item from my spreadsheet? Help?
Guest 335 - days ago 
i am new user pls help me

janani.t 335 - days ago 
Hello Raymond,

Please note that in Zoho Reports table, when you delete a row the entire row will be deleted and there will not be any space. Could you please send us your exact requirement to support@zohoreports.com to help us serve you better. Also please let us know the Zoho service (if it is not Zoho Reports) you are referring to.

Thank you for your time and we assure you the best of our service.

Janani | Zoho Cares
janani.t 335 - days ago 

Thank you for your interest in Zoho Reports.

Please sent us your exact reporting requirement to support@zohoreports.com. This will be useful for us to serve you better. Also, we would be glad to arrange a demo illustrating the features in Zoho Reports. We can discuss about your requirements and answer them quickly. If preferred, please do let us know a convenient date & time, along with your contact number.

Looking forward to work with you.

Janani | Zoho Cares
Shihab Gamal 239 - days ago 
Dears ,
i wanna to make a report to evaluate the sales agent performance using the following columns :
column 1 :Agent name Column 2 : Achievement(sales) column 3 : Target (set Manually ) Column 4 : Percentage of achievement
need your help please .
Anand Narayanan 238 - days ago 
Hello Shihab,

Please share with our Support Team the database containing the table you wish to use for your report. You can do this by clicking the Share > Share To Support menu bar item. Please also mention the type of output you need the report to produce, and we'll try and create it for you.


Anand N
Emma 184 - days ago 
Hi how can i change the colour of whatever report i make?
zohodbhelp 173 - days ago 
Hello Emma,

Sorry for the delay in response.
We assume that you want to change the color for the chart data series. You could easily do this in Zoho Reports.
To set the color of the chart with multiple data series refer here

To set the color of the chart with single data series refer here


Zoho Reports
Mahadev 164 - days ago 

i have Created the database which contain the 2 seperate Excel sheet, now i wanted to link the 2 excel sheet(join) and get the graph based on the data related to the 2 excel sheet.(Note: we have the one same name column in both the Excel)

in short :

i want to join the 2 excel sheet.

one excel contain one table information

and second excel contain the another table information.
janani.t 163 - days ago 
Hello Mahadev,

Good Day!

Zoho Reports does supports joining multiple tables and create reports over them. You could join tables using either the Lookup column or the Query table. Please refer to the below link for more details.


For further clarifications on the same, please do write to us at support@zohoreports.com.

Janani | Zoho Cares
Leon van Meel 18 - days ago 
Can the column width of summary/pivot tables be changed in an exported dashboard .pdf?
janani.t 10 - days ago 
Hello Leon,

We are sorry, you cannot set the width of the tabular data in the exported PDF.

To get a better visibility, we recommend you to follow the below.
# Export the Dashboard as Each report in a new page. This will accommodate the entire table in the specified paper size, without truncating any of the columns.
# Set the orientation of the page to Landscape and choose proper Paper size to accommodate your data. If you have numerous column and the page size is small, then we would decrease the width of the column to fit them without truncating.
# It is also recommended to choose the Paper Size to Auto.

Please let us know if you require any further clarifications or assistance.

Janani | Zoho Cares
SUPERUSUARIO 1 - day ago 
How do I link a report to a specific project
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