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What's New in Zoho Reports

Trail on Zoho Reports feature and service evolution.


Oct. 30, 2015
 Enhancements in Advanced Analytics for Zoho CRM
Module Rename Handling
From now on, if you rename a module name in Zoho CRM it will be automatically renamed in Zoho Reports too.
Previously, to get the renaming into Zoho Reports you need to re-sync the setup. This step is not required anymore.
Alert on fields removal
Now Zoho Reports will alert you when removing fields from the integration setup of Zoho CRM. The alert will also display the dependent views/reports that will get deleted on removing the fields. This will help you in deciding whether to delete the fields or to retain them.
This alerting feature is also implemented in Salesforce Advanced Analytics add-on.
Handy Options in Report Designer
Now Zoho Reports provides options to expand, sort and filter the fields list in the reports designer. This will be really handy to choose the fields that you want to use while creating the reports.
This menu appears when you mouse over the fields list on the left while you are creating the reports. With this new option you will be able to perform the following action.
  • Expand or collapse the tables.
  • Sort the tables in ascending or descending order.
  • Sort the fields by name or by data type in ascending or descending order.
  • Filter the fields by datatype.
These option will be available in reports designer. This will also be available create dashboard user filters and KPI widget filters.

Oct. 1, 2015
Support to Auto Format Units of a Numeric Column
Now Zoho Reports provides an option to auto format the unit value as thousand (K), million (M) and billion (B) based on the data in the corresponding column.
Recently , Zoho Reports introduced formatting the numeric columns values with thousands (K) or millions (M) or billion (B) unit notations.
Now with this 'Auto' option, Zoho Reports auto detects the data in each record and formats the unit accordingly. This allows the flexiblity of setting the right unit based on the actual value in each row, instead of fixing only particular unit always.

Sept. 23, 2015

Charts  Enhancements
Display Missing Values

Now Zoho Reports provides a new option to include the tick label for the data point, which does not have any value. This is available for both the date and the category columns.

So far when you plot a chart with a date or category column, if a particular data point does not have any value, then the chart would skip this from the plotting it in the axis. With this new option you can choose to even display the point which does not contain a corresponding value in your chart.
For example if you are plotting a chart for sales across years. If the year 2013 does not have any data, then it will be skipped in the previous version. Now you can choose to display this.

This feature will be pretty useful to visualize the complete trend considering all data points.
Charts Look and Feel
Zoho Reports has enhanced the Charts look and feel by fine tuning the color effects. Now it sports a more trendy and light look & feel.

Sept. 11, 2015

Enhanced Upload Tool - Upto 4 times faster

The new version of Upload Tool supports executing multiple database queries in parallel, thus enabling quicker data uploads from your local databases. This version of upload tool can handle data uploads up to 4 times faster than the previous versions.

The previous versions of Upload Tool will execute the database queries configured in database_sql_queries.xml one at a time, pulling data from your local database and uploading the same into Zoho Reports. In the new version the tool smartly identifies dependencies between the queries configured and looks at parallelizing the execution.

The tool considers the following cases as dependent queries:

  • Queries trying to upload data into the parent table and the child table.
  • Queries that are trying to upload data into the same table.

For the above mentioned cases, queries will be executed sequentially one after the other based on dependency . In all other cases, where there are no dependencies, query execution will be done in parallel, thus enabling faster data uploads.

You can download the latest version of the Upload Tool from here.

Sept. 9, 2015
Multiple Groups Support for Sharing & Collaboration.
Zoho Reports now allows you to create multiple groups to share & collaborate easily in a reporting database.  You can group a set of users based on functional roles/needs to create a group. Within this group you could easily share data, reports and dashboards to enable easy collaboration.
Till now there was a limitation to have only one group in a database, which has now been removed.

Email Reports and Views as In-line Mail
Zoho Reports now allows you to E-mail reports as a in-line mail content. So far reports can be mailed only as an attachment. Now they can be sent as part of the mail content, which will be very easy for users to view them.

Goal Module support in Google Analytics data connector
Google Analytics Advanced Reporting Add-on now supports syncing Goal data from Google Analytics into Zoho Reports for reporting & analysis.

Support for New Formulas
With this update the following formulas have been supported in Formula Columns.
  • Created Time - The function returns the created time of a record/row in the table.
  • Table Data Modified Time - The functions returns the last data modified time of the table. Data modification includes any of import,  add, update and delete rows action.

Aug 24, 2015

Enhancements in KPI Widgets

Support to Customize the Comparison Indicator

Now Zoho Reports allows you to customize the comparison indicator. Till now the indicators will only be displayed based on the result of comparison between latest and previous value. From now on you will be able set the indicator by choosing what to compare with the given aggregate values.

With this you can display the indicator based on various patterns such as comparison between maximum & minimum value and so on. You can also set the indicator by comparing it with a constant value.

Support to Customize the Primary Value

With this update Zoho Reports allows you to display dynamic values in the Label & Value component of the KPI widgets. You can do this by specifying the values in a parametrized format.

Follow the below given format to specify a parametrized format.

${ColumnName}.LABEL - Refers to the default label of the column used.
${ColumnName}.VALUE - Refers to the corresponding functional value of the column used.
${OPERATION} - Refers to the corresponding Show Value As operation.

Aug 13, 2015

Android App Support for Zoho Reports

We are happy to announce the availability of the Zoho Reports App for Android Tablets. With this app you can access & interact with all your reports & dashboards in your Zoho Reports account on the go any time, any where.
This mobile optimized app provides options to interact & explore your reports, favourite the most accessed reports, share them, and do much more. You can use this app on Android tablets with screen sizes 7" and above.
The Zoho Reports Andriod app is free and available for download on the Google Play Store.

Groups & Clients Modules support in Zoho Projects and Zoho BugTracker Analytics Add-on

The Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho Projects and Zoho BugTracker now supports Groups and the Clients modules. From now on you can synchronize data from these two modules into Zoho Reports and analyze the same.

You can also find new pre-built reports added for these modules when you setup the Analytics add-on including them.

Aug 6, 2015
Chart specific Drill Down Path

Now Zoho Reports allows you to set a drill down path for your chart axis from within Charts settings. This enables you to define drill down paths a lot quicker for a chart.

You can find this option in Settings section, which allows you to define the complete path in the same dialog. This path is specific to the chart where you are defining it.

When you open the Drill down settings, any drill paths paths already defined at the table level will be displayed by default.
If you want to define the path globally (i.e., for all charts), then you need to define that for the corresponding columns at the table level. To know more refer this documentation.

Create Lookup Columns in Business Application Data Connectors

In the databases that you setup using any of the default Business Application Data connectors (like Zoho CRM, Salesforce etc.,) offered by Zoho Reports, till now you cannot define Lookup columns in the data tables pulled (synchronized) from these applications. Now we support this too.

With this option you can combine data sets (using the auto-join feature) across business applications (e.g., combine Zoho CRM Leads data with your Marketing Campaign information that you might have stored Google Drive etc.) and easily do cross functional analytics.

Refer How to define Lookup columns and join tables.

Jul 24, 2015

Report specific data formatting options 

Zoho Reports now allows you to set report specific formatting for data columns displayed in your reports. Till now you could set column formatting only in the Tables in which these columns are part of which was just inherited to every report that was created involving these columns. Hence it was not possible to change the formatting at the report level. The new reports specific formatting options addresses this limitation. 

You can set this using Setting section of the report you create. This feature is available for Charts, Pivot View and Summary View. In Charts this will format the data displayed as tooltip.  The following screenshot is from a pivot table settings dialog. 

Data Formatting in KPI Widgets 

You can now format the data metrics displayed in KPI widgets that you add in your dashboards, as shown below. Formatting in another very handy visual customization option for KPI widgets.  

Dashboard PDF Export Enhancements

Zoho Reports has now enhanced the dashboard PDF export with the following features. 

Zoom Factor in % (Font size) 

With this option, you can scale the font size of the reports in your dashboards to fit to the page size appropriately. This could be scaled between 1 to 100%.

Column Width Ratio

This allows you to define the column width radio for the table styles reports (pivot, summary, table etc.,) in your dashboard. You can either choose to have equal width for all columns or set proportional column width based on the design of the original report. 

Support for Custom Modules in Salesforce Advanced Analytics Add-on

Salesforce Advanced Analytics Add-on now supports pulling data from custom modules setup in your Salesforce account into Zoho Reports. You can add up to five custom modules from Salesforce into Zoho Reports.

Schedule Imports in your own Time Zone

So far data imports can be scheduled only in GMT time zone. Now Zoho Reports allows you to set these schedules in your own time zone of preference. 

New Functions in Query Table

Zoho Reports Query Table has now been enhanced with the following new functions.

  • ADDHOUR - Adds the specified number of hours to the given date value.
  • ADDMINUTE -Adds the specified number of minutes to the given date value.
  • ADDSECOND - Adds the specified number of seconds to the given date value.
  • ADDWEEK - Adds the specified number of weeks to the given date value.
  • ADDMONTH - Adds the specified number of mounths to the given date value.
  • ADDQUARTER - Adds the specified number of quarters to the given date value.
  • ADDYEAR - Adds the specified number of years to the given date value.

Jun 23, 2015
Custom Sorting in Pivot Tables

Zoho Reports now allows you to sort the Pivot Table columns in a custom order that you define. Custom sorting was a feature that is already available in Charts, which has been extended to Pivot tables now. 

You can find the Custom Sort order item under the "Sort" menu in Pivot Tables. Invoking the same will allow you to customize the order in which the values of the columns are to be sorted. Setting the order and applying it will sort the column values accordingly. 

Reports table. Support for Date and Time Difference function

Zoho Reports now supports data and time difference functions in both Formula Columns and Query Tables. With this function you will be able to calculate the date and time difference between two date columns based on the unit specified. The supported units are SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, QUARTER, YEAR. For more details refer here

Enhancement to Auto Generated Reports

Auto generated reports in Zoho Reports has now been enhanced. With the new update you will find new combination of analysis done and reports created automatically. That apart now the reports generated also covers some the valuable features that has been recently introduced into the product. Do give it a try...

Jun 5, 2015

Trash and Restore Support

Zoho Reports now supports to the concept of trash and restore for better handling your deleted views in your reporting database. With this, you can easily restore views deleted accidentally from Trash.

You can view all the deleted view list using the Trash option at the bottom left of your navigation tree. You can find the options to restore or delete the view permanently, when you mouse over the views listed under Trash.

The views will be maintained in trash for 45 days from the date of deletion.

Support to Format Numeric Columns in Units

Now Zoho Reports supports formatting the numeric columns in units such as thousands (K), millions (M) and billion (B). This helps to maintain your data more legible as the value increases.

Dependency List of a Query Table

Zoho Reports now provides an useful option to view the dependency list of any Query Table. With the "Dependency List" option you can view the parent tables ( & query tables) on which the selected Query Table has been created on. You can also view the list of child query tables which have been created over the selected Query Table.

In the dependency list, you will also be able view the hierarchy level of each table (or query table) in the dependency list. Level indicates the proximity of the dependency. The lower the level the more direct is the dependency.

Dependency list will be a pretty useful feature to facilitate easy management & maintenance of your query tables, especially if you are a power user of query tables.

Importing MilliSecond data

From now on you will be also able to import millisecond data into your date column in a Zoho Reports table.

May 26, 2015

Support for Inventory Modules in Advanced Analytics for Zoho CRM

Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM now supports analytics on inventory modules data. With this, you can configure to synchronize data from the following inventory modules into Zoho Reports reporting database while setting up the add-on.

  • Invoices
  • Invoice Line Items
  • Price Books
  • Products
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Line Items
  • Quotes
  • Quote Lines Items
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Line Items
  • Vendors

Existing users can synchronize the newly supported modules by editing & saving the setup again. You can edit the setup either from Zoho CRM or Zoho Reports. You can choose to include or exclude the line items (for quotes, invoice, sales order and purchase order) using the Include (module name) Line Items Fields checkbox in. For more details on how to edit setup, refer here.

Support to Edit Advanced Analytics for Zoho CRM Setup from within Zoho Reports

Now you can edit Advanced Analytics setup from within Zoho Reports too. To edit setup click CRM Analytics > Edit CRM Setup from the Explorer tab of the Zoho CRM Advanced Analytics database. 

May 6, 2015

Advanced Summary Functions support on Aggregate Formula

Zoho Reports now supports applying Advanced Summary Functions (Windowing functions) even over Aggregate Formula while creating reports. So far when you use an Aggregate formula in a report, you will not be able to apply other functions on the formulae. The function will always be selected as 'Actual' and cannot be modified. Now you can apply other windowing calculation such as Running Total, Difference form, Moving Calculation etc.,

March 26, 2015

Configurable Join support for report creation 

Zoho Reports now allows you to choose between Left or Right type join while creating reports (Charts, Pivot Table and Summary View) over related (linked) tables. This option will provide much more flexibility in creating reports.You can find this option in the Table Relationship dialog.

  • Left Join - Report will be computed with all the rows from the child table (left) and only the matching rows from the parent table (right). Matching is done based on lookup columns defined between child & parent tables. This will be the default join type.
  • Right Joint - Report will be computed with all the rows from the parent table (right) and only the matching rows from the child table (left). Matching is done based on lookup columns defined between parent & child tables. 

Let's say you have joined Employees (parent table) and Tasks Completed (child) tables through a Lookup column Employee Name. If you want to create a report to show the tasks completed by each employee.

Left join will return all employees who have 1 or more completed tasks in their name.

Where as Right join will return all employees, including those with no completed tasks at all.

Feb 12, 2015
Announcing Zoho Reports 3.0

The much awaited Zoho Reports 3.0 is now here. Zoho Reports 3.0 is sleek, responsive and feature-packed.

The user interface has been completely revamped. Zoho Reports 3.0 offers an enhanced user experience, designed for power users and beginners alike, to quickly and easily create fabulous reports.

New data connectors for popular business applications including Salesforce, Google Analytics & ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus have been added to the existing robust set of data connectors.

Apart from the above, Zoho Reports 3.0 comes with lot other interesting features like exploratory drill down, KPI Widgets in dashboards, organizing and sharing reports as Slideshows, visualizing and understanding your database models through Model diagrams etc.

Watch what's new in Zoho Reports here.

Jan 02, 2015

     Copying a Table

     With this new feature form Zoho Reports, you can now save a copy of a table in your database.          This feature will be pretty useful for cases like Backup, Copying table design etc. 

      Click 'Save as' menu in the toolbar to save a copy of that table. You can choose to copy the table       with data and/or retain the look up columns of the original table. On copying, all formatting,                 formulas etc. will get retained in the new table. 

 Dec 10, 2014

Advanced Analytics Add-on for ServiceDesk Plus

Zoho Reports now provides an advanced analytics add-on for ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. With this add-on, SDP customers can create fine-grained reports with easy drag-and-drop actions, without writing database queries. The add-on also comes pre-packed with 80+ useful reports and dashboards. With this add-on you get simplified KPI tracking and analytics for improved decision support in IT service desk operations.

Dec 08, 2014

Conversion rate in Funnel Charts

  • With the latest enhancements, you can now show the conversion rate in your funnel charts as data label. The conversion rate can either be from the previous value or from the original value. 
  • Also, two new funnel designs, 'weighted height' and 'weighted width' have been added to the existing 'uniform height' design. 
Find the above features under 'settings' in chart view. 

Other Chart Enhancements
  • 'Sorting' option has been added to both pie charts and web charts. 
  • While plotting a pie chart you can now show both the percentage and actual value as data labels. 

 Dec 03, 2014


Dashboards - Enhancement to View Underlying Data permission control

While sharing a dashboard for the permission "View Underlying Data" you could now handpick the columns specifically that you want to share. So far you could only show all the columns or the columns involved in the reports embedded in the dashboard.

Nov 20, 2014

Editable User Filter

So far in User filters multiple values could be selected only from the drop-down box. But now, you can also enter the values separated by commas in the highlighted field. Values are case-sensitive and should exactly match the phrase. 

This feature is enabled only with 'Multi-select box component' in user filters.

 Nov 10, 2014


 Multi table support in Aggregate Formula

So far, aggregate formula could be created with columns only from a single table. But now, you can create an aggregate formula by combining columns from any number of related tables. This will further help you to derive more powerful business metrics in Zoho Reports. 


Oct 24, 2014

Support to Select a Range of Filter Values

Now Zoho Reports allows you to select or unselect a range of filter values using the Shift and click. This will reduce the tedious work of selecting the individual filter values and allows you to select multiple values together. This option is available for Filters and User Filters with Actual Values. 

Oct 14, 2014

Setting on how to display Null/Empty values in reports

Zoho Reports now provides an option to specify how to display null/empty values in your reports.

So far in Charts, Pivot Table and Summary Views, when there is a null or empty value in the underlying data, it will be displayed as Unknown or No Value. Now you can specify the value to be displayed in the report for these data points.  This option will be available as part of the Settings section. 


Sept 17, 2014

Enhancement in User Filters Component Option

Now Zoho Reports provides an option to choose between a single select or a multi select drop down list for displaying date related values. Until now date user filter values for Actual, Relative and Seasonal period can be listed only in a multi select drop down list. Now you have the option to choose between single or multi select list box as required.


Enhancement for Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM

Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM now supports analysing your Potential Stage History. You can avail this by selecting the Include Potential Stage History fields checkbox when you setup the Advanced Analytics Add-on. The Potential Stage History data will be added as a new table in Zoho Reports reporting database.

You will also get insightful default reports and dashboard for your Potential Stage History such as Momentum of a Winning Deal, Momentum of a Winning Deal vs Lost Deal, Stage Duration for a Winning Deal and Stage Duration for each potential.

You can slice and dice your stage history data by creating your own reports over the Potential Stage History table.
Support to Import XML Format

Zoho Reports now supports importing data from  one more important file format, the XML. You can do this by setting the File Type as XML and then upload the XML data  in the Import Wizard.

Support to Set Parameters for Web URL while Importing Data

Zoho Reports New 3.0 Interface (which is currently in beta) now provides an option to set Get or Post parameters for the Web URL from which you are importing data. You can set up to 20 parameters for your import URL.

This feature will especially be useful for importing data from URL protected by Authentication systems like Token Authentication as you can pass the authentication information as parameters to the Web URL.

Sept 9, 2014

Zoho Reports Analytics Connector for Salesforce CRM 

Zoho Reports now provides a connector add-on for Salesforce CRM. Using this, Salesforce users can now 'slice and dice' their CRM data and take informed business decisions.

Importing Data

Setting up this add-on will sync data from your Salesforce account into Zoho Reports.

Data from the following modules, for which you have read permission, will be imported and stored in tables in Zoho Reports.

  •  Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Tasks
  • Users

100+ Useful Default Reports

Along with the Connector Add-on you will get 100+ insightful reports & dashboards. You can always customize them to your needs. 

Click here to navigate to the sample reports gallery that illustrates the Salesforce analytics capabilities.
Creating your own reports

You could also create your own custom reports over the Salesforce CRM data  easily using the drag
& drop interface in Zoho Reports.
You can combine other dataset along with Salesforce CRM data for creating compelling & holistic reports by importing them into Zoho Reports.
For more details on Zoho Reports Connector Add-on for Salesforce CRM, refer to Help link.

Sept 2, 2014

Support to Auto Refresh Published and Embedded Views

Zoho Reports now provides an auto refresh option for the view that you embed or share as Permalink. Now you can set your views to automatically refresh at every N seconds to show latest data.

This will especially be useful when you project your reports and dashboards in various devices (including TV screens), where you want to display the current data without any manual intervention.

Enhancement in Charts Custom Sort Option

Now Zoho Reports provides delete option in Charts custom sort dialog to remove the values that are no longer available in the underlying data.

Aug 25, 2014

Zoho Bugtracker Advanced Analytics Add-on 

The Zoho Bugtracker Advanced Analytics Add-on is now available in the service.

With this add-on, Zoho Bugtracker users can slice & dice their bugs data to effectively analyze & track their issue management projects.

Importing Data
Setting up this add-on will sync data from your Zoho Bugtracker portals into Zoho Reports.

Data from the following modules will be imported and stored in Tables in Zoho Reports.
  • Bugs
  • Timesheet
50+ Useful Default Reports
Along with the Connector Add-on you will get 50+ insightful reports & dashboards. You can always customize them to your needs. 

Click here to navigate to the sample database that illustrates the bugs database.

Creating your own reports
You could also create your own custom reports over the bugs information easily using the drag and drop interface in Zoho Reports.

You can also import other dataset and combine them with your bugs data to create compelling & holistic reports.

For more details on Zoho Reports Bugtracker Connector Add-on, refer to Help link.

June 24, 2014

Enhancements in Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho Projects
Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho Projects now provides the following new options.
  • Import New Projects Automatically - Selecting this option will add data from any new projects that you create in Zoho Projects automatically into Zoho Reports reporting database without any manual intervention. With this you need not edit the synchronization setup each time you add new projects to sync them for reporting purpose.
  • Retain Archived Projects -  Selecting this option will retain the data from old projects that you have archived in Zoho Projects in Zoho Reports. With this option data from your archived projects will continue to be available in the reporting database for your analysis & reporting.

Support to Block E-mailing Reports with No Data
Zoho Reports now provides an option to stop sending the reports if there is no data for the corresponding report. This is available when emailing individual Table, Query Table, Charts, Pivot Table, Summary View and Tabular View.

With this feature, you can ensure that the E-mail will be sent only when report has data. For example, you have created a report to get the pending tasks from last week and schedule to send this to the sales persons every week. When there is no pending task, the report will not be sent for that week alone.

Support to Export Column Description
Now Zoho Reports allows you to export the column description when exporting to an Excel files (both XLS and XLSX format). By choosing this option the column description will be exported as a comment for the column header in the exported Excel file.

June 6, 2014

Support to Publish with Filter Criteria
Zoho Reports now supports Filter Criteria option while publishing the views. With this feature, you can apply a filter criteria to display the filtered data in your embedded view or published Permalink as needed.

Support to Share Folder
Now Zoho Reports provides an option to share the views in a folder. This will reduce the tedious work of selecting the views from the entire views list available in that database, when you share them. 

May 27, 2014

Support for Cases Modules in Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM

Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM now allows you to synchronize data from the Cases modules. With this, you can configure to synchronize data from Cases modules into Zoho Reports reporting database.
This module will be synchronized for all new users setting up the Advanced Analytics Add-on. Existing users can synchronize the newly supported module into Zoho Reports by saving the setup again. For more details, refer here.

Support to view Row Count in Databases

Zoho Reports now displays the number of rows used in each of your reporting databases. You could view this from the Subscription page, in the Manage Users tab and View by Databases. This will be beneficial in managing your plan usage & upgrades proactively.

May 14, 2014

Enable Reporting for NoSQL Databases

Zoho Reports now enables you to analyze your data stored in NoSQL databases. You can connect and upload data from the following databases using Upload Tool and apply advanced reporting options in Zoho Reports over your data.

  • MongoDB
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Hadoop Hive
  • Cloudera Hadoop Hive
  • Hortonworks Hadoop Hive

To know how to upload data from your NoSQL databases, refer to the help section here

We have also tested connecting the following relational databases using Upload Tool through JDBC driver to enable data upload for reporting.

  • Teradata
  • Informix
  • HP Vertica
  • Ingres
  • Greenplum
  • SQL Anywhere
  • Derby
  • H2
  • Cache
  • Progress Openedge
  • Cubrid
  • Mimer SQL
  • Mckoi

To know how to upload data from your Relational databases, refer to the help section here.

Amazon RDS
Similarly, you can now connect to databases hosted in Amazon RDS and upload the same into Zoho Reports to enable reporting over the same. To know how to upload data from your database in Amazon RDS, refer to the help section here

April 22, 2014

Enhancement for Pie and Funnel charts

The following enhancements are available in the Pie and the Funnel Charts.

Multi Y Support

Zoho Reports now offers Multi Y Axes support.  With this you will be able to compare data from multiple columns in Pie and Funnel.

Customize Data Label

Now you will be able to set whether to display the percent or value as data label over the corresponding section. You could also choose to remove data label.This is available in the Settings option.

April 10, 2014

Enhanced Dashboard User Filter

Zoho Reports Dashboard User Filter will now filters tabular data too. So far when you add a user filter for your dashboard, only data from Charts, Pivot Table and Summary View will be filtered. Now  Tables, Query Tables and Tabular View included in the dashboard will also be filtered.

Query Table Function Enhancement
Query Table now provides Interval support for the following functions. With this you will be able to add or subtract required time interval to your data column.  
  • Adddate
  • Subdate
  • Add_date
  • Sub_date

Mar 28, 2014

Account Usage Notification
Now Zoho Reports allows you to configure mail notifications to monitor your account usage. This will notify you when your account usage crosses the threshold limits you have set for rows and users. This will be beneficial in managing your plan usage & upgrades proactively.

Mar 25, 2014

Changes in Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho Projects

Supporting Bugs Module
Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho Projects now allows you to synchronize data from your Bugs module. Users who have purchased the Bugs module in Zoho Projects, can choose to synchronize data from bugs module into Zoho Reports for analysis and reporting. Also, we have added 20+ insightful reports & dashboards over Bugs module for your convenience.
You can synchronize this by selecting the Bugs checkbox in the Import dialog. You could also choose to add this in the existing reporting database by editing the setup by clicking Zoho Projects Edit setup in the toolbar option.

Timesheet Module
Timesheet module is no longer a mandatory module to be synchronized. You could choose to include or exclude this from your reporting database as needed.

Mar 11, 2014

Support for Custom Modules in Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM

Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM now allows you to synchronize data from your custom modules.  With this, you can configure to synchronize data from custom modules into Zoho Reports for analysis and reporting.

You can select the required custom modules to synchronize, when you setup Advanced Analytics add-on. Existing users can synchronize the required custom modules, into their Zoho CRM Analytics reporting database in Zoho Reports, by editing the setup.

Support to Customize Pivot Table and Summary View Layout

Zoho Reports now offers an option to customize the Pivot and the Summary View layout.

Now you could choose whether to display index number for the rows. Also you can resize all the columns to a uniform width by setting the default width to the columns.

This option is available in the Settings dialog. 
Support to Sort Legend

Zoho Reports now provides option to sort the legend
items of a single - Y Axis chart. With this you will be able to set the order to display your legend items.

You can avail this from the Chart Sort menu and by clicking the Sort icon available near legend in the Edit Design.

Feb 21, 2014

Support to Import from Cloud Storage/Drive 

Zoho Reports now allows you to import data from different Cloud Storage/Drive to start with your reports and analysis.
You could import data from the following services.

  • Zoho Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • SkyDrive
Added Custom Formula
Zoho Reports now supports STR_TO_DATE function for creating custom formula to convert a text column with date into a date column.

Enhancement for White Label site Home Dashboard
The White Label site home dashboard is been enhanced now. So far, views from a single database alone can be added in the home dashboard. Now you could configure to add views from multiple database as needed.

Also, you could configure to display all the shared views of your users in their home dashboard.

To get this configured for your White Label site  write to us. We will get this done for you.

Jan 24, 2014

Improvements in Lookup Column 

Now Zoho Reports has enhanced the Lookup column feature by adding a new option to handle parent table data deletion.

Setting this option will not delete (retain) the corresponding rows in the child table even when data is deleted in the parent table. Also enabling this option will provide much higher performance in data uploads into this table when compared to others options and hence its highly recommended

From now on this will be the default option. You could enable this option for the existing Lookup Columns using the Edit Lookup Setting option in column right-click menu.

Enhancements to Multi-view Exports 

The following convenience options have been added for selecting views in Multi-view Export:

  • Sort - Allows you to sort the views list in Alphabetical or by view type.
  • Search - Allows you to easily search for views
  • Select by View - Allows you to select views by view type.
  • Selected View Display - The Selected views will be displayed now in a separate pane on the right for better segregation and easy ordering.

More API Supports
Zoho Reports now supports the following APIs.

  • Add Column - Add a column in a table in Zoho Reports.
  • Rename Column - Rename an existing column in the table
  • Delete Column  - Delete an existing column in a table


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